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Boston PTAC Cleaning

this image shows ptac cleaning in Boston, MA

Commercial facilities such as restaurants, hospitals, and hotels often have packaged terminal air conditioners as standard equipment. Keeping them clean is critical for the safety and convenience of guests. If you require assistance cleaning your manufactured terminal air conditioner, give Boston Hood Cleaning a call at (617) 764-9911. We'll restore your device to flawless working order with a high-pressure treatment that removes dirt, grime, dust, and debris.

Why Should I Have My PTAC Unit Cleaned?

Allowing dirt and dust to build up in your PTAC unit can lead to some problems. The most common issue is that the unit will not function as efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills. Another common problem is that the coil will become clogged, which can cause the unit to overheat. A clogged coil may also result in the system’s breaking, which will require an expensive repair. Regularly cleaning your PTAC unit can prevent these problems from occurring and help extend the life of your device.

How Often Should A PTAC Unit Be Cleaned?

A PTAC unit should be cleaned at least once per year, but proper cleaning performed more often can reduce operating costs and enhance the unit's lifespan.

In less friendly environments, such as a kitchen, grease and food particles are often deposited on the outdoor coil. These particles will reduce the efficiency of the unit and can cause it to overheat. In these cases, cleaning of the unit becomes more frequent (or should).

Is Boston Hood Cleaning Expensive?

Boston Hood Cleaning offers the most affordable prices in Massachusetts, and we stand behind every service call with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today for a free quote on PTAC cleaning and enjoy an evaporator coil clean that extends the life of your device while saving you money.

Boston Hood Cleaning is a professional company that specializes in PTAC cleaning. We use a high-pressure treatment that removes dirt, grime, dust, and debris from the unit. This process will restore your device to optimal working condition. It is important to keep this unit clean for the safety and convenience of guests and energy efficiency, and longer service life.

Boston Hood Cleaning Specializes in Commercial Hood Cleaning

Regularly maintaining your heat-producing appliances is essential for both safety and appearance. Boston Hood Cleaning is a full-service kitchen hood cleaning company that can clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system, stovetop, oven, and more. We use high-pressure water jets to dislodge dirt and debris, so you can rest assured that your appliances will be thoroughly clean.

Your place of business should be safe and comfortable for everyone who enters. That's why it's important to call Boston Hood Cleaning for a comprehensive analysis of your restaurant exhaust system. Our company is also available for weekly service calls, so you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is in great condition and ready to fire up whenever it's needed.

Give Boston Hood Cleaning a call for PTAC cleaning in Boston and other kinds of kitchen hood services. Dial (617) 764-9911 today.


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