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Commercial Hood Cleaning Services

An image of commercial hood cleaners in Boston.

At Boston Hood Cleaning, we offer professional commercial hood cleaning services. When it comes to keeping your restaurant or school safe, we are experts.  We have worked with many restaurants, and we have all the experience you need. Boston Hood Cleaning is a company that prioritizes your safety and health.  Reaching out to us for commercial hood cleaning services is very easy.  Just dial (617) 764 -9911, and we will be on our way.

Not all hood cleaning companies can offer the perfect commercial hood cleaning services you need.  Only expert companies that have the experience and the skills can deliver.  Boston Hood Cleaning is such a company with expertise and professionalism. A call at ((617) 764 -9911 is enough to get the expert hood cleaning team at your doorstep.

We are a hood cleaning company that values you. When you give us a call, our team of cleaners commit themselves to your work as soon as possible.  From grease containment to vent hood cleaning and fire prevention, you can trust us to do it perfectly. When we work in your restaurant kitchen, you will have nothing to worry about during inspections.

Contact us at (617) 764 -9911 to get free estimates.

Our Services

When it comes to restaurants, schools, and hospitals, time is very important. When you hire us to work in your kitchen, we will complete the work on time. We won’t affect your normal schedule. Reach out to us at Boston Hoods Cleaning for timely, affordable, and quality hood cleaning services. These are the hood cleaning services you can call in for in Boston.

Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

Restaurant vent hood cleaning has to be done perfectly. You will need an experienced cleaning company for such services.  This is because vent hood cleaning is more than just scraping off the grease.  A professional cleaner knows what to do when it comes to restaurant vent hood cleaning. Talk to us for professional restaurant hood cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention 

Our grease containment and exhaust cleaning services ensure all fire risks are taken care of.  Grease can sometimes buildup in places you or your works can’t see.  If not taken care of, this buildup can easily cause fires. We will take all preventive measures and ensure your property is safe.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Failure to have your kitchen hood professionally cleaned can result in serious problems. Commercial kitchens can have a greasy smell if not cleaned. Our cleaners will degrease all the ducts. You should also give us a call at (617) 764 -9911 if you notice grease stains on your kitchen roof.

Rooftop Grease Containment

Commercial kitchen fires are, in most cases, caused by rooftop grease. A fire will totally damage your business. Fires can also cause loss of lives besides destroying property. The best you can do to avoid such issues is call in for rooftop grease containment services.

Our affordable services ensure you get to protect your property from fire destruction. You still get to ensure safety in your kitchen besides being on a tight budget. Just reach out to us at (617) 764 -9911 and get the best cleaners working on that grease. Dial now to get free estimates.


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