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Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

Boston Hood Cleaning - Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

If there was any more important job that we could do aside from commercial cleaning fire prevention then we would like to hear about it. What we're trying to say is that we think the work that we do in this area is incredibly important, and we are very proud of the part that we play in keeping the community safe through this line of work. With all that being said, we do not underestimate how difficult this kind of job is, and we have spent many hours becoming consummate professionals in this role. Here, we want to explain the steps we take to make sure that the work we do is safe, and how you can grab a job of your own.


There are many steps do we put in place to make sure that kitchens remain safe from fire. The first one of these is perhaps the most obvious, whereby we put fire extinguishers in the correct places and reinstall fire alarms where they are necessary. You may be thinking that this is pretty standard stuff, but in truth the location of extinguishers and alarms is very important to maintaining safety standards. We are well trained in this, and we make sure that all of our staff are as knowledgeable as they possibly can be.

The oven

The other area where we can really provide assistance is by making sure that your oven operates to the highest possible safety standards. We make sure that fumes are well contained at all times, and that your exhaust and your extractors are in good working order. We have worked with many ovens over the years and no matter what model you are operating, we will be able to give you the steps required to make sure that you keep it safe at all times. We are also able to offer consultation services to your kitchen staff, making sure that they know what to do in the event of a fire, and that they know how to deal with different kinds of fires in the different kinds of ways that are required.

Business concerns

In working with commercial companies it is very important that we do not get in the way of a hard day's work, and that we make sure that you are always able to communicate with us with any concerns that you might have throughout the duration of the work process. Not all contractors are as well versed as we are in communicating business concerns.


We have made sure that we took the necessary steps in understanding the requirements of each business that we have had the pleasure of helping. That is why we are the number one option in the local area and why we will continue to occupy that top spot as long as we are active. If you want to talk to us about anything from prices, to quotes, to timescales, we are there for you today and at any point going forward. We also offer restaurant cleaning service.


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